The Maffra Golf Club, Maffra Bowling Club,  Maffra Football Club and the Maffra Chamber Of Commerce all tried to establish a pokie venue individually and were rejected by Tabaret.

Maffra Chamber Of Commerce headed by Geoff Stobie owner of a local business. Stobies Mensland, convened a meeting with Sue Brown from Tabaret and decided to create a joint venture.

June 1995 was the first of many meetings. The Golf club withdrew in the early stages.

At that time there  were six pokie venues in Sale and half the Sale Greyhound takings were from Maffra residents. Opening the club was beneficial to the Maffra community.

Morohan’s owned the hotel and after much to-ing and fro-ing and argy bargy Morahan’s decided to sell to the Maffra Sports Club.

Plan B was to purchase what is now Cambrai Hostel.

After two very long years of meetings the Maffra Community Sports Club was opened on the 14thNovember 1997. 

The aim was to support local sporting clubs.

In 2007 there  were some renovations to the club, including an outdoor smoking area, new kitchen and increased dining area.

Today we have TAB, KENO and numerous televisions with Fox Sport so you don’t miss a game.


Without the help and support of the Maffra Chamber Of Commerce the club would not be here today.